GTA 4 Apk+Data For Android Compressed 550 MB 100% Working

GTA 4 For Android MOD info:

Grand Theft Auto 4 For Android story mode can be beaten in less than 30 hours, and there are so many optional activities and side missions to take part in along the way that you can comfortably double that number if you’re in no hurry. The majority of the story missions task you with making deliveries and/or killing people, and play out in much the same way as those in previous games. With that said, most of the missions are a lot easier this time around, partly because Niko is a more agile and efficient killer than any of his predecessors, and partly because the LCPD seemingly has better things to do than hunt down an illegal immigrant who’s gunning down undesirables all over the city.

Some of the more imaginative missions sprinkled throughout the story include a kidnapping, a bank heist, and a job interview. The cinematic cutscenes associated with story missions are superbly presented and are the sequences in which the game’s characters really shine. Without exception, the characters you encounter benefit from great animation, great voice work, and superbly expressive faces. They’re not always so impressive when they join you on a mission and refuse to do what they’re supposed to (for example, not following you on an escort mission, or failing to negotiate a doorway). Nevertheless, these problems are few and far between, and they’re made less painful by the new “replay mission” option that you’re presented with whenever you fail.

GTA 4 Android Game Info:

Game NAME GTA 4 Apk
Version 1.2
GTA 4 MOD Size 550MB
Root Required No
Category Open-World, Action
Developer Rockstar Games
Android Required Android 4.0+
Platform Android
Ads No
Last Updated June, 2018

GTA 4 Android MOD Screenshot:

""Android>Obb</pGTA 4 For Android | GTA 4 ULTRA HD Graphics MOD

GTA 4 Apk Data Android Download Link:



How to install GTA 4 For Android:

1. Download GTA 4 Apk + Data from the link given above in the post.

2. Extract it using ZArchiver or ES File Explorer.

GTA 4 For Android PPSSPP

3. Now, you’ll get a folder of this name “com.rockstargames.gtasa”.

4. Open it and go to: “files > texdb > gta3”

  • Here you have to edit these 3 files shown in screenshot below:

GTA 4 For Android | GTA 4 ULTRA HD Graphics MOD

You have to rename them according to your GPU:

  • Mali GPU – rename “EDIT” to “etc”
  • Adreno GPU – raname “EDIT” to “dxt”
  • PowerVr GPU – rename “EDIT” to “pvr”

An Example: I have Adreno GPU

  • I will rename “gta3.EDIT.dat” to “gta3.dxt.dat”

And edit all 3 files as shown above:

5. Now, again in that “com.rockstargames.gtasa” open it and go to: “files > texdb > txd”

  • Now, you’ll see some files as shown in screenshot below:

GTA 4 in Android

Again, edit these 3 files and rename them according to your GPU.

6. Now, paste this “com.rockstargames.gtasa” folder to “Android > data”.

And done! You’re ready to play GTA 4 Android Version MOD! Launch GTA SA and boom! Now it is transformed to GTA 4 Android!!

All Credit goes to: GamerKing

GTA 4 For ANDROID Features:

Added New GTA 4 For Android Cars & Bikes
– Added New GTA 4 For Android Guns – Railgun, Homing Launcher, Hatchet
– Car Lighting Fixtures now get Xenon Lighting Fixtures
– GTA IV Android Pickup Pieces
– Balanced Weapon Stats
– Improved Weapon Hud Texture
– New Animation like GTA 4 APK
– Improved Street Textures
– Old Cars Replaced with new GTA 4 Android HD Graphics
– Recreation Button Modified
– New Loading Display